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Narayana Vidyalayam

Mrs. Poonam Wankhade

Vice - Principal

Narayana Vidyalayam, Amravati

Vice Principal's Message

Albert Einstein said “Education is not about learning of facts but training young minds to think.” 

Educational institutions occupy a special place in our society. Besides being temples of learning, they help in molding the personality of young and impressionable minds by inculcating the virtues of Integrity. There is a big difference between cramming up facts and learning them so that they can be applied in productive ways.

Every child is a gift of God, and that excellence is the way of life. The first step into school is that giant step forward, where children embark on the great adventure of discovering the wide world outside and the depth of the world within. 

As we hold the little finger and guide the young ones forward, we realize our responsibility of nurturing their curiosity, igniting their minds to pierce the skies, helping them to discover the world of books and richness of experience. 

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