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Narayana Vidyalayam, Chinchbhuvan

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“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think”– Albert Einstein
The aim of education should not only focus on cognitive development but also on creating holistic and well rounded individuals equipped with 21st century skills for promoting lifelong learning and living in a sustainable way.

The global covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on school education and has changed its dynamics but things are changing for better in the education sector. The new education policy (NEP-2020) aims at universalization of education from pre-school to secondary level. It is establishing a comprehensive framework that will bring sweeping changes to the Indian education system. 


It envisions a model of holistic learning and development. It is flexible, engaging and immersive. It emphasizes on empathy, leadership building, collaboration, resilience that will facilitate children in achieving future goals.

In congruence with these changes Narayana Vidyalayam is well prepared for the paradigm shift in the education and is empowering its teachers as they are the pivot of the teaching learning process through exhaustive professional development program (in-house &CBSE).The school has integrated Learning Management System (LMS) into its K-12 learning landscape.

The smart and dynamic annual curriculum plan of the school is well woven with appropriate scholastic and co-scholastic inputs. The classroom activities are not only enriched with curriculum based content but also have efficient e- learning resources to make the process informative as well as interesting. Our efforts are seen in our Alumni, who are shining like stars in their chosen fields.

We continue our efforts of enhancing the capabilities of our students so that they achieve the level of excellence. We are proud of their achievements in everything they aim and do.

Thus our school Motto: “Inspiring Excellence holds good in this institution…”.

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